Wind Turbine Manufacturers

Wind Turbine Manufacturers

Enviko deal with a lots of wind turbine manufacturers to find the best turbines for you, they have the skill and expertise to do this providing you with your best option. We do the work for you so you can relax.

Enviko is an MPC accredited company and is one of the top renewable energy companies in the UK. With a huge portfolio of different wind projects we can offer you the expertise you need to undertake your own. We find the perfect turbine; apply for planning, install and offer continuing support for after the installation is complete.

If you suspect that wind turbines are too expensive you can think again, there is funding for projects and money can be made in huge savings on you energy bills. They can provide 100% of your houses energy bills and are perfect for agricultural, business and personal applications. The area of land and available space is important when thinking about setting up turbines, as is the location with respect to other houses. Excess energy can be sold back to the grid to effectively make money and if you have lots of space for a few turbines it can be a good money maker and it can power the whole farm if needed.

There are two main types of turbine, mast mounted or roof mounted. The mast mounted ones are stand alone and can be set up close to the building nearby and the roof mounted turbines are installed on the roofs of buildings. The taller the turbine the more energy it produces as the wind speed increases with height. Wind is perfect for remote houses and buildings where normal supply is challenging. A wind speed on 3.5 m/s is needed to provide the best conditions for operation however the turbine is active from 2 m/s. in built up areas the noise from the turbines will be covered up by urban sounds, for example in London there is 24/7 noise from the surrounding areas so a roof turbine is a viable option. However shadow mask and reflected light could be an issue. Tests need to be done before installation but here at Enviko we can help you with every step.

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Solar Panels

Solar panels supplied and installed by Enviko LtdThe standard solar panel is a photovoltaic panel that consists of several solar cells capable of collecting thermal energy released by the sun. These solar panels are connected together to create a larger system that is capable of converting significant amounts of solar energy to electrical energy. Due to factors such as rain, dust and seasonal changes a large amount of solar panels are used in a simple installation. This ensures that the required amount of light is captured and stored for later use when no thermal energy is available. There are several different types of thermal energy storage as well.